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Welcome to FlyingSchool.com.my. We are a pilot career & flying school enrolment office. We provide FREE advise and consultation on “How to become a Pilot”.

If you talk to us, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to become a pilot and which flying school you should attend. Why? Because choosing a career as a pilot has many challenges and steps to be undertaken. It is not as easy by just going to a flying school but there are many things you should consider before taking up a career as a pilot. Such as training requirement, academic qualifications, entering the airlines, job market etc etc…. Not to mention also tuition fee for a flying school in order to get your qualifications as a pilot and choosing to study abroad or locally. We will also advise you on which flying school to enroll if you decide to become a pilot.

We know exactly the plus and minus sides in becoming a pilot & career as a pilot. We will open everything to you.

Why you should talk to us first before choosing a career as a pilot?

If you call the school directly, they will tell you the good side only. If you talk with us, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about becoming a pilot & the challenges. Why? Because the tuition fee for any flight school is expensive so we want you to know the detail before you choose to become a pilot as your career.

You’ll be surprised on how many students are disappointed with their flying school but can’t do anything about it (because they already paid for it or have completed their pilot course). No one told them about conversions, requirements in entering the airlines, what to do after they obtain their pilot license, flying hours,the pilot job market and many more. Don’t be the next upset student and become jobless !

The Team

We are real pilots, unlike others they are just consultants and never flew a plane before or even attend a flying school. We have the experience as we have undertaken the steps ourselves. Steps that you need to take. We have been there and done that !

Do talk to us first before you make any decision in becoming a pilot and before enrolling in a flying school abroad or locally.

We are dedicated to preparing future pilots with aviation knowledge and the right attitude to soar the skies.

We are also affiliated to Sky Simulator a 737NG Flight Simulator open to public based at eCurve Mall, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

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